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Giltrap Group

About Giltrap Group

The Giltrap Group represent 17 of the most desirable automotive brands in over 12 dealerships across Auckland.

Founded by car-mad entrepreneur Colin Giltrap in the 1960’s, the Giltrap Group celebrates a strong commitment to customer delight and ‘hands-on’ personal service, and strive to live out the culture that Colin Giltrap created - a love for cars, people, motorsport and the local community. While Sir Colin continues his interest in the business and motor racing, sons Michael and Richard have overall management of the group. They have carried the culture that Sir Colin has created.

All our staff are knowledgeable and enthusiastic; aiming to deliver exceptional service and igniting the passion of New Zealand motorists by inspiring more people than anyone else.




Giltrap Group
Completed: 2018
Installed: Quadra and Quadra Plus units

Drinking Water Systems
The Giltrap Group know whats best for their staff by choosing Billi - a premium Australian Brand, providing multiple drinking water system, not only at this location but within many dealerships across Auckland.
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