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Case Studies

Giltrap Group

Billi Quadras and Billi Quadra Plus

A luxury showroom calls for quality drinking water systems!


Billi Quadra 

AMP have recently finished refurbishing their office space in the AMP Centre in the heart of Auckland City. This beautifully designed kitchenette showcasing a matte black Billi in the reception area compliments the stunning view out to the north.


Quadra Units

One of New Zealand's biggest names in heavy vehicles, Iveco chooses heavy duty Billi to supply its staff with premium fresh drinking water.


Auckland Airport

Auckland Airport is a prime location to encourage millions of visitors year-round, to enjoy the benefits provided by Elkay chilled and ambient drinking water systems. 


BNZ Partners Centre

Billi Quadra Plus 9 x2 & SC80 

BNZ recently opened their state-of-the-art two level masterpiece in Wellington, and what better drinking water systems to install into their stunning spaces than the Matte Black Billi.
Residential Kitchen
SC52E - Schwan 3-in-1 Versatap 

This superb residential kitchen features a Schwan Versatap to quietly and efficiently supply filtered drinking water and instant boiling water. Home owner loves the convenience of having instant boiling water, and not having a jug on the bench!
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