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Customer Feedback/Testimonials

"The Billi unit has been performing splendidly.  I really can say that I don't know what we have done without it"

- New Zealand Green Building Council
We would like to thank Life Solutions for their continued service in providing us with clean and healthy drinking water through your filtration systems for almost 10 years.

We would also like to thank you for introducing American Express to the excellent Billi Quadra series of under counter boiler/chiller systems.  We have used used competitive products in the past, but we have found Billi to be reliable, well made and designed.  Since installing the Billi in our management pantry in early 2014 we have been most impressed with it.

We would continue to recommend Life Solutions, its service and the Billi brand of products to any potential clients of your business.
  - Ronald Fung Manager - Facilities Management, American Express International, Inc
Giltrap Group Holdings have been installing Billi units at our motor vehicle dealerships over the past 10 years.  We have had exceptional service from not only the units, but from Merquip who install and service these units.

The Billi units provide the best quality hot and chilled filtered water that we have experienced. The management and staff have all commented on the efficiency of this compact quiet unit, not only because of its size but how well it looks and the quality of the water it produces.

We will certainly be recommending the brand to our architects when drawing up plans for any building projects in the future. 

  - Trevor Mitchell Building Project Manager, Giltrap Group Holdings Ltd.
I have had a “Billi Quadra “  Boiling and Chilled drinking water system installed under my kitchen sink at  home now for many years. It has been an excellent acquisition.  My children now drink more chilled water than fizzy drink.  We use it frequently for so many purposes from a tea bag cuppa to blanching vegetables. 

It has been extremely reliable and has best in class technology to recover the heat from chilling  to pre heat the boiling water making it highly energy efficient for what it does, something which  is extremely important to me personally.

It will turn off at night and back on in the morning to save energy when its not needed, yet it  will heat up in a minute or two if required ‘ out of hours’ as I occasionally require when leaving  to  fly to Australia in the early hours of the morning.

I thoroughly recommend them for convenience and energy efficiency 

  - Dr Keith S Turner Formerly Meridian Energy CEO
We currently have the Merquip Billi unit in our Mess room at the New Plymouth Fire Brigade.

We have found this machine to be very efficient in both its capacities, the design is extremely user friendly and saves a lot of time.

With our large number of staff we have at our Brigade we have found that this is perfect for our needs and that the staff are very happy with it.  
  - Maurice S Kelly Chief Fire Officer, New Plymouth Fire District
Since the installation of our Billi filtered drinking water system in January 2004, the staff and Board of Trustees would like to acknowledge and recommend the Billi Drinking Water systems to any organization looking at upgrading their systems.  We find the instant filtered boiling hot water and the chilled filtered water from the one unit wonderful.  The filtered water is used extensively in the summer, and the hot water is always ready for the hot drinks.
  - Marie Geurtjens, Clifton School

Palmerston North Boys’ High School’s boarding establishment, College House, had the Merquip Billi System installed in their new facility ten years ago.

They are safe, efficient and easy to use. The students use these units at each meal sitting and with close to 200 students in our hostel, we never run out of hot or cold water during meal times.

Merquip provides us with a comprehensive service programme to ensure these units are running efficiently and to their full potential.

I would certainly recommend the Merquip Billi System to schools who are looking at upgrading their current drinking water systems.

  - Christine Mackie, Palmerston North Boy's High School
I was very impressed and pleasantly surprised. I find your member of staff, Tristan, to be very helpful, professional, tidy and a pleasure to have on site. Well done.

I also find Sheryl to be a friendly and easy-going person to talk to about the job in question and she made the process a breeze.

Congratulations on your staff.

Great staff and you sleep comfortable.

  - Renata A Satro, PwC

I would just like to provide feedback regarding the Elkay Bottle fill station.

After 12 months use, the station has dispensed the equivalent to 10796 plastic bottles of chilled filtered water.

This is great for the environment as well as being safe due to the auto sensor, meaning no buttons are needed to be touched when refilling your own bottle.

I would not hesitate in recommending the Elkay bottle fill station to other Schools.

  - Todd Hoar, Facilities Manager - Samuel Marsden Collegiate School
Very impressed with Merquip Service – only takes one call and that’s it – doesn’t need to ring twice”
  - Jo, Plumbing World
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