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How often should I replace my undersink water system filter?
We recommend a new filter at least every 6-12 months, depending on usage and water quality.
Do I need to buy special filters for my undersink water system?
Yes, you should always use the correct filter for your water system. They can be purchased online on this website shortly, or through a Billi merchant.

How to change your filter from old to new Quadra and Quadra Plus

Do water filtration systems get blocked?  Our boiling water flows well but cool just dribbles out.
Yes. As filters and valves catch contaminants, they become soiled.  Billi undersink water systems use mains pressure, so reduced chilled water flow indicates you may need to change valves and/or filters. 
Why do the red and blue lights flash on the tap?
The indicator lights tell you what’s going on.  Flashing red means boiling water hasn’t reached 99°C yet.  Flashing blue means water hasn’t chilled to set temperature.  Both lights will glow solid when this happens.
How to use the Billi XL tap

How do I know when to change the undersink water filter?
The orange light on your Billi will flash continually when your water filter needs changing. Please check the last line, on the screen, on the control box, under bench. 
I don’t have boiling water and the dispenser red light is always flashing.
The heating element may have blown or overloaded.  Contact Merquip at to arrange a service of your system.
How do I enable safety mode for the boiling water on my Billi Quadra?
Push the SELECT button, then arrow down to OPTIONS.  Push the SELECT button and set Safety Switch to ON.  Touch the indent on the black panel on the back of the tap to allow for a short boiling water flow.
I am installing a new water system and there is no cold flow.
All Billi units are equipped with an internal or external PLV (Pressure Limiting Dual-check Valve).  Debris coming through the pipe may have stuck to the PLV filter screen inlet.  Check the filter screen is clear.  Debris may also have passed through the PLV and blocked the water filter.
I am installing a new water system and there is no boiling water flow.
The red hose may be twisted or kinked inside the benchtop mount.  Disconnect the hose from the barb fitting on top of the Billi undersink unit.  You should be able to easily blow through the tube.  Place your hand under the tap to check for airflow.
I am installing a Quadra undersink water system and the cold is running by itself.
This is normal.  The undersink unit will prime the cold tank on installation.Running will stop when the hot water tank fills to the first level.
Installing a Quadra plus water system but the mixer tap spits air and there’s only lukewarm water.
Allow 45 minutes after installation for correct operation of any Quadra Plus unit.  This allows the undersink system to fill up and heat sufficient water for proper mixer tap function. Also check the red light on the drinking water filter tap is glowing solid to indicate boiling water is heated.
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