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Bubbler Chiller 60
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Bubbler Chiller 60

Bubbler Chiller 60




Model:Bubbler Chiller 60
Cooling Type:Air Cooled
Size:980mm h x 310mm w x 310mm d
Power Supply:10 amp
Product Code:936060
Dispenser:Bubbler, Glass Filler

The Billi Bubbler Chiller is a free standing drinking water bubbler that provides chilled drinking water, perfect for public areas. The benefits are as follows:

Superior hygiene technology
The Bubbler Chiller unit utilizes a silver ion based technology for hygienic protection against bacteria.
Robust stainless steel external casing The Billi Bubbler Chiller has a robust casing that makes it hard wearing and weather-resistant

Multiple taps
The Bubbler Chiller is supplied with two taps; one a bubbler and the other a glass filler, ensuring you can either drink on the go or take the time to fill a glass. Bubbler flow rate is controllable to limit splashing

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