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Quadra 4180
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Quadra 4180

Quadra 4180




Capacity:0-180 people
Model:Billi Quadra 4180
Cooling Type:Water cooled
Size:340mm h x 315mm w x 465mm d
Power Supply:20 amp
Product Code:904180
Dispenser:XL Levered
The Eco and Quadra ranges blend elegant style, futuristic design and cutting-edge technology, meeting green building requirements, disability access and ergonomic design imperatives. The Australian designed and made products are quite simply the world's premium drinking water systems.

Superior Design
Our feature-rich Eco and Quadra ranges are our flagship products. Having undergone extensive research and development we lead the way over other drinking water systems with exceptional design benefits including:
  • largest range of capacities,
  • total of seven different models
  • smallest underbench unit footprint
  • highest water output volume available
  • patented heat exchange system delivers substantial energy savings
  • unprecedented tap options
  • filtration options available to suit every application
Energy Saving
Recovering, recycling and saving - All Billi Boiling and Chilled systems utilise the patented Billi Thermodynamic Heat Exchange technology. A technological breakthrough in energy efficient appliance design, this process useschange of state technology to allow a large amount of heat to beabsorbed and stored. Typically this heat generated during the cooling process is wasted to the atmosphere. Billi recovers this waste heat energy to preheat the boiling water, enabling our systems to achieve substantial energy savings.
7 day time switch - all Quadra systems have an inbuilt 24 hour, 7 day time switch which ensures the unit is running only when needed and eliminating unnecessary out-of-hours power consumption.
Stand-by mode - All Quadra systems also include an energy saving standby mode that can be selected to activate after a pre-set time of non use, enabling partial power down to conserve power.
Ecointelligence - Our Eco systems incorporate new software technology that automatically allows the unit to only operate when required. The technology monitors daily usage patterns, even recognising evening and weekend changes, which means very effective minimization of energy consumption.

Underbench Technology
Space saving - With a design focus on space saving our Boiling and Chilled systems are often half the size of comparative underbench products, allowing you to make the most of the available area. The Eco sets a new standard for space saving at an amazing 180mm wide.
No cupboard Ventilation - No cupboard ventilation grilles or fans are required for our standard Quadra water cooled range or the Eco. This leaves your kitchen cabinets looking much cleaner and also allows for easier and simpler installation.
Adjustable chilled water - The Chilled water temperature can be adjusted between 6 and 15 degrees Celsius to suit the application and users taste.
Premium filtration - Billi's premium filters ensure that health threatening pollutants and impurities such as sediment, chemicals, heavy metals and pesticides are removed leaving you with refreshingly clean drinking water, every time. Our filter cartridges are exceptionally easy to change and can be ordered online or through your local approved supplier.

Style of dispenser - Choose a dispenser from our standard XL Levered, the innovative XT Touch version which has no levers and a clean style with all operation via a touch pad at the top of the tap or the XR remote which has a separate control pad which can be mounted nearby the tap for greater design flexibility.
Integrated drain font If the dispenser is to be mounted away from a sink, choose our XI Font. The ultimate in modern clean styling, it can be either surface mounted or recessed into the bench top for a completely flush mounting. The font comes complete with a dispenser riser to ensure sufficient clearance.  Available in all finishes.
Dispenser Riser - A dispenser riser can be added separately to create extra clearance under for tall jugs and pots. There are two dispenser riser heights available for the XL, XT and XR dispensers, choose between 70mm 120mm. Available in all finishes.
Choice of finish Select a finish from standard bright chrome, brushed chrome or black chrome. All three finishes are available in dispensers, fonts and risers.

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Product Tap Options

XL Black Chrome
XL Brushed Chrome
XL Matte Black
XR Black Chrome
XR Bright Chrome
XR Brushed Chrome
XR Matte Black
XT Black Chrome
XT Bright Chrome
XT Brushed Chrome
XT Matte Black


Tubing Extension Kit 800mm
To Suit: Eco, Quadra, Sahara, Plus Systems, Alpine 125
Tubing Extension Kit 2.0mm
To Suit: Eco, Quadra, Sahara, Plus Systems, Alpine 125