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B-4000 - Residential
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B-4000 - Residential





Capacity:0-10 people
Size:340mm h x 180mm w x 360mm d
Power Supply:10 amp
Product Code:914000
Dispenser:XL Levered
*NB. Only available through certain Appliance Retailers.*

Great tasting boiling and ambient water, instantly.
Offering the same exceptional convenience of our other boiling water systems, the B-4000 is ideal for typical family use. Exceptional space efficiency and elegant functional style provide the greatest user convenience. Green building design principles are incorporated into the B-4000 providing you with the ultimate in environmentally sensitive drinking water appliances.
  • Instant boiling water - With the innovative Billi electronic temperature regulation system and precise temperature monitoring functions, your hot water will always be delivered as close to boiling point as possible. So you will never experience temperature drop off even during high use periods.
  • Ambient filtered water - Enjoy the convenience of having clean, healthy ambient temperature filtered water always on tap, ideal for drinking or cooking.
  • High-tech filtration - Billi’s premium sub-micron filters ensure that all health-threatening pollutants and impurities such as sediment, chemicals, heavy metals, chlorine and pesticides are safely removed while fluorides are retained, leaving you with refreshingly clean drinking water, every time.
  • Energy saving - There is no need to compromise your lifestyle to lessen your carbon footprint. The highly energy-efficient B-4000 has a range of energy saving operation modes combined with high performance insulation that will reduce your environmental impact and save on power bills.
Dispenser Design Options - The standard dispenser is now the XL levered in chrome finish with position-sensitive levers allowing full control of boiling water flow.

Dispenser Safety - Safety is paramount in the design of the B-4000 dispenser. A fully heat insulated body and concealed childproof safety-switch means you can be sure of a high level of user protection. In addition the B4000 incorporates our Splash-Free technology, which means that as the boiling water first exits the dispenser it slows momentarily to prevent splashing out of the cup.

Energy Efficiency - The B-4000 includes Billi’s unique Eco Intelligence technology, which will learn the usage patterns for the unit over a seven day period and allow the unit to automatically switch on and off at the required times . This function can be very simply overridden should you need to use the system out of the normal usage pattern. High performance insulation completes the energy efficiency and ensures that the water stored in the B-4000 retains it’s heat over an extended period.

Filter Technology
Certified by global public safety agency NSF International, the sub micron filtration in the B-4000 ensures that all health-threatening pollutants and impurities such as sediment, chemicals, heavy metals, chlorine and pesticides are safely removed while fluorides are retained. Flashing amber icon in the dispenser indicates when a filter change is due and the filter cartridges have been designed to be exceptionally easy to change.

Space Saving - The B-4000 offers exceptional space saving at only 180mm wide and has been designed to simply integrate into any storage module design. Much more compact than other units on the market, it fits easily within a standard cupboard compartment and allows you to make the most of the available area.

No Ventilation Required - The B–4000 does not require cupboard ventilation or an external cooling fan, removing the need for cabinet alterations.


Product Tap Options

XL Brushed Chrome
XL Matte Black


Tubing Extension Kit 2.0mm
To Suit: Eco, Quadra, Sahara, Plus Systems, Alpine 125