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Auckland Airport

Auckland Airport is encouraging visitors from all over the world to increase their water intake and save money by reducing bottled water purchased. 
Drinking Water Systems
Elkay have a variety of Elkay drinking water systems through the airport. 
Images beside and below showcase two completely different designs. 

EZH20 Bottle Filling Station with Vandal-Resistant Bubbler (image below) features the touchless, sensor-activated bottle filler for easy use, An exclusive Green Ticker that informs user of the number of plastic bottles saved from waste by using refillable bottles at the bottle filling stations and many other benefits. 

SwrilFlo Countertop Vandal-Resistant Fountain (image to the right) 
The contoured oval basin is designed to provide a splash-resistant surface. The Vandal-resistant, bi-level unit flushed with wall makes this ideal for the Airport. 


Auckland Airport
Variety installed 

Auckland Airport is a prime location to encourage millions of visitors year-round, to enjoy the benefits provided by Elkay chilled and ambient drinking water systems. 

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