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19th Apr 2024

Sensor Taps for Bathrooms in Commercial Spaces

In commercial bathrooms, where hygiene and water management are paramount, motion sensor taps offer a smart and sustainable solution for keeping waste and the spread of germs and other nasties to a minimum. As a leading name in water filtration and tap systems, Billi brings over 30 years of innovation and expertise in water systems […] Read more

19th Apr 2024

Bottled Water Coolers vs Water Cooler Dispensers

Deciding between traditional bottled water coolers and more advanced under-counter water cooler dispensers might seem trivial, but for commercial environments across New Zealand, this decision can significantly impact operational efficiency and environmental footprints for businesses. In this guide, we’ll explore the pros and cons of the different water coolers for sale in New Zealand and […] Read more

8th Apr 2024

Sparkling Water Dispensers for Offices

Transform your office water supply with Billi NZ’s cutting-edge sparkling water dispensers. Designed for the modern workspace, these dispensers are a testament to Billi’s commitment to quality, innovation, and sustainability, providing a stylish, space-saving solution to keep your team hydrated and energised. Our dispensers offer a luxurious, convenient, and eco-friendly way to enjoy water, with […] Read more

8th Apr 2024

Commercial Drinking Water Filtration Systems & Dispensers

Commercial environments across industries all bear a common responsibility, to provide a hospitable environment to their occupants. Whether you’re a hospitality venue hosting patrons, an office manager trying to keep employees happy, or a developer outfitting an apartment building, choosing the right commercial drinking water filtration system will not only provide clean and tasty water […] Read more

17th Aug 2023

We’ve got a new look!

We are proud to announce the launch of our redesigned website.   Full of features and customised solutions to meet all your drinking water needs. Our revamped website isn’t just a visual delight; it’s a hub of information designed to guide you seamlessly through our comprehensive product range and insightful resources. Some of the great […] Read more

4th Aug 2023

Presenting Billi’s Luxgarde™: Elevating Water Hygiene Standards

Elevate your water quality with Luxgarde™! Addressing growing concerns around water hygiene, Billi have introduced the game changing Luxgarde™ UVC Purification Device, an industry leading purification device that combines innovative technology with unrivalled protection. Luxgarde™ is the ultimate water hygiene solution for commercial, Hospitals, Aged Care and residential.     GUARANTEED PROTECTION  Designed to keep your […] Read more

11th Jul 2023

Water Dispenser, Sustainable and Stylish

Elkay ezH2O Liv Pro™ In-wall Filtered Water Dispenser 220-240V   ezH2O Liv Pro™ In-wall Filtered Water Dispenser 220-240V Serve guests and colleagues cleaner, healthier water in a sustainable way with an Elkay ezH2O Liv Pro™. It’s designed for commercial, multy-family housing complex and hospitality environments such as lobbies and conference rooms. Say goodbye to ordering […] Read more

11th Jul 2023

Drinking Water in Schools – Merquip

Billi  The market leader, catering to all education, corporate and government department needs, supplying instant filtered, boiling and chilled underbench drinking water systems. Billi boiling and chilled units come with Global Greentag Certification to Gold level, the only brand to achieve this. The unique thermodynamic water-cooled technology means no cupboard ventilation is required. Billi has […] Read more