How can I find out what model of unit I have?

How quickly can you send a service technician?

Can I repair the unit myself?

Why do I need the serial number of my unit to book a service call?

What is the warranty period?

What will you accept as proof of purchase or proof of installation?

Where can I purchase a replacement filter or C02 bottle?

Do you have service plans?

How long should my Billi unit last?

Why have I been charged for a filter when my unit is under warranty?

Why do I have to change my filter yearly if we rarely use our Billi unit?

How do I change my filter?

I have changed my filter, why is my cold water still slow?

Is there anything else I can do before you send a technician?

My Billi is leaking, do I need to turn the main water supply off?

What are the solid/flashing green lights and I have no water?

Why is my sparkling water not sparkling?

How do I change a C02 Cannister?

How do I dispose of my empty C02 Cannister?

What does the moon and star icon mean?

What is the lightning bolt?

What does the flashing Red and Blue lights on my tap mean?

Why has the red light on my tap gone and is not dispensing hot water?

Is my Sparkling unit not dispensing Cold or Sparkling water?

What is the recommended temperature setting for my Sparkling unit?

Do you sell larger bottles of C02 or can I buy them from another supplier?

What should my regulator be set at?