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9th May 2024

Achieving Energy Efficiency in Buildings with Billi

With the world increasingly focusing on sustainable development, the question ‘How can I make my office more environmentally friendly?’ becomes more relevant than ever. Buildings contribute to 40% of global CO2 emissions (Sustainable Building, Billi AU), highlighting the need for sustainable solutions that cut energy consumption and boost operational efficiency. Billi NZ addresses this by offering sustainably built and innovative filtered drinking water systems, enhancing energy efficiency and significantly boosting a building’s green credentials.

Learn how Billi’s water systems can help you meet your sustainable goals while giving your building clean and tasty water.

What is Sustainable Development?

Put simply, sustainable development is building for now without sacrificing the future. With 40% of annual emissions stemming from the built environment and building operations alone accounting for 27% of these emissions (Sustainable Building, Billi AU), implementing designs and construction practices that don’t impact future generations’ lives is being demanded more and more by governments, consumers, and businesses. This means that sustainable development is good for the environment, developers, and business owners as they can benefit from the increased goodwill generated by being environmentally responsible and potentially take advantage of government schemes or lower energy bills.

Sustainable development should seem like a great goal now, but how can businesses actually implement these ideas?

Energy-Efficient Buildings

Integrating energy-efficient technologies into building designs is an easy and actionable step towards sustainable development in new and existing workspaces. Billi’s underbench systems provide boiling, chilled, and sparkling water while minimising energy use and maximising efficiency.

Billi systems also significantly reduce plastic waste. Traditional bottled water cooler systems produce vast amounts of plastic waste, which often end up in landfills and oceans. Billi systems offer high-quality filtered water directly from the tap, removing the need for old-fashioned water coolers or single-use plastic bottles.

These systems help offices achieve their sustainable goals and lower their carbon footprint with features including:

  1. Heat Exchange Technology: Our most advanced units efficiently recycle waste heat from the cooling process to use for heating and maintaining water temperature, reducing energy consumption.
  2. Water-Cooled Systems: Our instant chilled systems use water cooling to reduce heat output and improve energy efficiency.
  3. Eco-Intelligence Technology: Your Billi system learns usage patterns to optimise performance and energy savings.

These features help buildings aiming to achieve green certifications such as NABERSNZ or align with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). For instance, in the Amohia Ake building, four Elkay Ezh20 in-wall bottle fillers and fifteen Billi Quadra dispensers ensure a seamless supply of chilled, instant boiling, and filtered drinking water across all floors, helping put them on track to achieve at least a four-star rating under the NABERSNZ system.

Energy Efficiency Made Easy

Achieving energy efficiency and sustainability in buildings is complex, but entirely possible with the right solutions. Billi NZ’s innovative water systems (like the Global GreenTag certified Quadra and Eco systems) offer a practical, efficient solution to making your office more environmentally friendly.

Billi NZ offers solutions that enhance energy efficiency, promote workplace hydration, and contribute to the overall sustainability of the built environment, all backed by our excellent aftercare so you can enjoy delicious water for years to come. To explore how Billi’s products can benefit your commercial space, use our handy SPEC generator, view the full range, or contact our helpful team.