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21st May 2024

Benchtop vs Underbench Water Filters for Your Office Sink

Choosing the right water filter for your office sink ensures top water quality and optimal space use. Two popular options are benchtop water filters and under bench water filters in New Zealand. This article by the experts at Billi NZ compares these filters to help you decide which suits your office best.

Water quality is paramount in any workplace, affecting both employee well-being and operational efficiency. Merquip and Billi has been a leading supplier of boiling, chilled, and sparkling filtered drinking water systems for over two decades. We service everything we sell with a nationwide team of accredited technicians handling all maintenance, from filter replacements to repairs, so we know what we’re talking about in this guide to benchtop and under bench water filtration for your space and needs.

What is a Benchtop Water Filter?

A benchtop water filter sits on the counter and (usually) connects to your sink’s tap. These units are typically easy to install and move, making them a flexible choice for offices. However, they occupy counter space and might not filter as well as underbench models.

What is an Underbench Water Filter?

An under bench water filter installs beneath the sink and connects to the plumbing. This setup frees up counter space and often provides superior filtration capabilities. Billi NZ’s underbench filters are designed to be space-efficient, fitting seamlessly into your cabinetry without requiring significant alterations or cutouts. Plus, our systems are available with instant filtered boiling, chilled, still, and sparkling water and are more energy-efficient than separate appliances.

Choosing the Right System for Your Workplace

When deciding between a benchtop and underbench water filter, consider the following factors:

  1. Space Availability: Underbench systems are perfect for offices with limited counter space, keeping the unit hidden and maintaining a clean look. Billi’s units take this further by potentially replacing your kettle or sparkling water machine.
  2. Budget: Benchtop filters are usually cheaper upfront and easier to install, ideal for smaller offices or tight budgets. Underbench systems provide long-term space and quality benefits, and energy-efficient models like Billi’s will help you cut down your electricity bill.
  3. Desired Water Quality: Good underbench filters offer better filtration, suitable for offices prioritising high-quality water. They can offer a range of water combinations, including instant boiling, chilled, ambient, and even sparkling water.
  4. Usage Needs: Underbench systems handle large water volumes efficiently, ideal for high-consumption offices. Us our online SPEC generator to find the perfect solution for your volume of users.

Features of Benchtop Water Filters

  • Ease of Installation: Benchtop filters are plug-and-play units that can be set up quickly without professional help.
  • Portability: These units can be easily moved, making them ideal for temporary setups or rental offices.
  • Counter Space Usage: They occupy counter space, which can be a drawback in smaller kitchens.

Benefits of Underbench Water Filters

  • Space Efficiency: Hidden filtration units save counter space, keeping the kitchen clean.
  • Higher Filtration Capacity: Underbench systems have advanced technology for superior water quality.
  • Connected Directly to Plumbing: Direct plumbing connection ensures continuous filtered water.

Potential Drawbacks of Underbench Water Filters

  • Installation Complexity and Maintenance: Underbench systems require professional installation and may involve a higher level of organisation and maintenance compared to benchtop filters. Billi NZ mitigates this with our comprehensive servicing easily available to book online.

Enhancing Workplace Efficiency and Aesthetics

Our case study of the Amohia Ake building in Hamilton is a great example of underbench water systems’ benefits in bigger spaces. Billi NZ installed advanced water systems including Elkay Ezh20 bottle fillers and Billi Quadra dispensers to provide the space with high-quality, sustainable water solutions.

Both filter types have their benefits; the choice depends on your office needs. View Billi’s underbench water filters for long-term quality and space efficiency and options for other water systems here. Contact our team to find the best water filtration solution for your workplace.