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7th May 2024

Boiling Water Tap for Your Office

Why Choose a Boiling Water Tap for Your Office in New Zealand?

A boiling water tap in your office delivers unmatched convenience and efficiency. Billi NZ offers a range of under bench instant hot water systems designed for commercial spaces, ensuring your team has instant access to hot and cold water at the touch of a button. Learn how this setup enhances workplace productivity by eliminating the need to wait for traditional kettles to boil.

Benefits of a Boiling Water Tap

  1. Instant Hot Water: Access boiling water immediately with Billi’s taps with instant hot water, perfect for making tea, coffee, or even preparing meals and snacks quickly.
  2. Space-Saving Design: Billi’s under sink water heaters in NZ are compact, designed to fit neatly under your kitchen bench, conserving valuable counter space.
  3. Energy Efficiency: Our systems utilise advanced Heat Exchange Technology to preheat boiling water using waste heat from the chilling process, cutting down on energy expenditure and your energy bill.
  4. Safety Features: Every Billi instant boiling system includes a safety switch to lock off access to boiling water, ensuring safe use in busy office environments.
  5. Advanced Filtration: Billi’s multi-stage filtration system removes contaminants while retaining beneficial minerals, ensuring clean, safe, and tasty water.

Expertise and Trust in Every Drop

For over 20 years, Merquip (and Billi NZ) has been a pioneering supplier of boiling, chilled, and sparkling filtered drinking water systems in New Zealand. Our products, proudly Australian-made and designed, guarantee quality, innovation, and sustainability. We provide comprehensive service for everything we sell, supported by our service team and a nationwide network of accredited technicians who handle all maintenance, from filter replacements to repairs.

From initial consultations to ongoing maintenance, we ensure our clients receive the highest level of support and product reliability. Use our online SPEC generator to search through our extensive range of hot and cold water dispensers with filters for a perfect solution for your needs.

Commercial Boiling Water Taps

Billi Quadra Plus – This unit provides instant boiling and chilled filtered water, making it ideal for high-demand office environments. It includes a hot and cold mixer tap and features energy-efficient Heat Exchange Technology.

Billi Eco – Designed for commercial settings, this system delivers boiling and chilled filtered water. Its compact design saves space, and it operates efficiently with no need for cupboard ventilation.

Billi Sahara – This model offers instant boiling and still filtered water, perfect for offices needing high volumes of hot water. It includes safety features and energy-efficient operation.

Billi Ultra – For workspaces that require boiling water outside a sink environment, this system offers instant boiling water at the touch of a lever from a wall-mounted unit, great for tearooms and commercial kitchens.

Elevate Your Office Environment

Upgrade from traditional kettles to Billi’s boiling water taps. Our systems save time and energy while enhancing the office environment with easy access to filtered, high-quality water.

Discover the full range of Billi NZ’s boiling water taps and find the ideal solution for your office. Visit our Billi product page or contact our team for more information on systems, installation and maintenance for your workspace.