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19th Apr 2024

Bottled Water Coolers vs Water Cooler Dispensers

Deciding between traditional bottled water coolers and more advanced under-counter water cooler dispensers might seem trivial, but for commercial environments across New Zealand, this decision can significantly impact operational efficiency and environmental footprints for businesses.

In this guide, we’ll explore the pros and cons of the different water coolers for sale in New Zealand and why more and more businesses are opting for the integrated under-bench water systems Billi NZ offers.

The Problem with Bottled Water Coolers

Bottled water coolers have been a common fixture in offices for decades, but they come with a set of challenges that are increasingly hard to justify in today’s eco-conscious and efficiency-driven workplace:

  1. Environmental Concerns: Each plastic bottle requires petroleum for production and transport, contributing to carbon emissions and resource depletion. After use, these bottles often end up in landfills or oceans, where they take hundreds of years to decompose.
  2. Space and Aesthetic Limitations: Bottled water coolers often require a substantial amount of space for both the unit and the storage of spare bottles. This can clutter office areas and detract from the professional appearance of business premises.
  3. Ongoing Costs and Effort: Offices with bottled water coolers have to budget for regular deliveries, which can fluctuate in price due to various factors such as fuel costs and supplier pricing changes. Replacing empty bottles can also be cumbersome and disruptive to the workplace.
  4. Hygiene and Safety Risks: While seemingly convenient, managing bottled water coolers involves ensuring stocks are replenished and stored in a clean area to avoid contamination. Bottles that are not stored properly or are handled frequently can become contaminated and services that manage some of these logistics for you can be even more costly in the long term.

Billi’s Bottleless Water Cooler Dispensers

Billi has been improving their water dispensers with filters for over 30 years. Manufactured in Melbourne, these systems offer not only a reduction in waste but also a streamlined, more aesthetically pleasing solution to meet hydration needs in commercial spaces.

If you’re looking to keep your workforce, clients, or anyone else in a commercial building hydrated with clean, chilled water, here’s why you should consider a Billi chilled water system for your space:

Environmental Impact

Unlike bottled water coolers, which require frequent plastic bottle changes contributing to waste, Billi units help your office cut down on plastic and utility bills with energy-efficient designs that have earned Billi their GreenTag certification since 2014.

Design and Space Efficiency

The sleek, under-bench design of Billi units maximises office space, maintaining a clutter-free environment with no cupboard cutouts required. Our dispensers are also available in a variety of sleek finishes so there’s a Billi unit for every aesthetic.

Simplified Maintenance

By removing the hassle of ordering, changing and storing heavy water bottles, Billi’s water dispensers are not only easier to maintain but also provide uninterrupted clean, chilled water. With options available for instant filtered ambient, chilled, boiling, and even sparkling water you can also have more variety with a Billi system.

Cost Saving

There are no ongoing costs for water bottle purchases, and the systems’ energy-efficient designs help reduce utility bills, meaning transitioning to Billi systems is an investment that can lead to substantial long-term savings.

Advanced Filtration

If you’re looking for a water cooler with filter, Billi NZ’s proprietary multistage Fibron X® filtration technology ensures the removal of contaminants while retaining essential minerals. This technology guarantees that the water is not only safe but also great-tasting.

Upgrade Your Commercial Water Cooler Today

To see how a Billi system can transform your workspace or commercial building, contact our team, use our Spec Generator to find your perfect unit or explore the full range online.

Make the switch to a smarter, more sustainable water solution today with a Billi NZ chilled water dispenser.