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8th Apr 2024

Commercial Drinking Water Filtration Systems & Dispensers

Commercial environments across industries all bear a common responsibility, to provide a hospitable environment to their occupants. Whether you’re a hospitality venue hosting patrons, an office manager trying to keep employees happy, or a developer outfitting an apartment building, choosing the right commercial drinking water filtration system will not only provide clean and tasty water consistently but also help maintain your desired aesthetic and reduce your building’s energy consumption.

Developed in Australia, Billi has been innovating in the commercial dispenser space for over 30 years. Our range of Billi systems for work excel in all manner of commercial environments, keep reading to learn which of our instant filtered boiling, chilled, sparkling, and still water dispensers is right for your needs.

Benefits of Commercial Water Dispensers

So what makes commercial filtered water dispensers different from your tap at home? Whether someone else was hogging all the hot water or your system just can’t provide water cold enough on a hot day, you’ve likely struggled to get water at the perfect temperature before. These issues are exacerbated in commercial environments where water dispensers are put under increased demand, commercial water dispensers are capable of providing a higher volume of water at the right temperature and quality. With a Billi system, you can enjoy easy access to high-quality drinking water and the convenience of having instant boiling and chilled water, use our intuitive online Spec Generator to find a commercial drinking water filtration system for your specific use case.

As well as consistently supplying filtered water instantly to the often high-traffic commercial environments, Billi’s dispensers offer:

  • Improved Taste and Odour: Say goodbye to the unpleasant taste and smell of tap water. Our systems filter out odours and other nasties to provide fresh, appealing water every time.
  • Health and Safety Compliance: With top-notch filtration technology and intuitive safety features on our instant boiling units, our systems help ensure your water and kitchen are safe, meeting and exceeding health and wellness standards.
  • Environmental Sustainability: Reduce plastic waste and carbon footprint with our energy-efficient systems, a green alternative to bottled water and kettles.
  • Cost Savings: Investing in a Billi NZ system translates to significant long-term savings compared to ongoing bottled water expenses and less energy-efficient competitors.

Discover the Right Billi System for Your Space

Our commercial water dispensers are designed with versatility in mind, fitting seamlessly into any commercial environment. Billi’s under-bench units are designed to save valuable space without needing ventilation cut-outs, which means our instant boiling and sparkling units allow you full use of your kitchenette or break room without the clutter of additional appliances like kettles or an external soda water maker.

Billi’s commercial drinking water filtration systems are also customisable to your needs. As well as the variety of sleek dispenser finishes and styles available, the adjustable temperature settings on Chilled and Boiling units and varying capacities for every size of commercial environment help our systems cater to the unique demands of your workspace.

Billi’s commitment to commercial excellence doesn’t end with installation. Our user-friendly designs ensure effortless maintenance and filter replacement, backed by service plans and easily bookable service calls for filter changes or other regular maintenance.

Choose Quality with Billi’s Commercial Systems

Choosing a Billi system is an investment in quality and innovation. Explore case studies for inspiration or speak to our team for assistance in evaluating your site’s specific requirements, ensuring your Billi system perfectly matches your commercial application. View our commercial water dispensers today to start enjoying the quality, reliability, and ongoing support that comes with a Billi system.