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23rd May 2024

How Water Systems Help Meet Sustainability Goals

Sustainability in business has gone from being a buzzword to an essential part of your operations’ strategy. As companies worldwide focus on reducing their environmental impact, Billi and Merquip helps organisations achieve their sustainability goals with innovative and sustainable water systems.

With over 30 years of expertise, Billi’s Australian-made drinking water systems provide instant access to delicious filtered water that actively helps you reduce your carbon footprint, keep reading to learn how.

Understanding Sustainability in Business

What is sustainability in business? It’s a catch-all term that includes environmental, social, and economic impacts of a businesses activities. Being a sustainable business means reducing carbon footprints, conserving resources, and promoting social well-being.

Companies are increasingly expected to operate in ways that protect the planet, benefit society, and drive economic performance. This involves reducing waste, improving energy efficiency, and adopting green technologies and can benefit the business by boosting employee satisfaction, generating goodwill for the company, and reducing energy bills.

How Billi NZ Systems Support Sustainability

Billi NZ’s commercial water systems are designed with cutting-edge technology to help businesses achieve their sustainability goals. Here’s how:

Energy Efficiency

Billi’s systems incorporate Heat Exchange Technology, an innovative feature that reduces energy consumption by recycling heat within the system. Billi units also come with a standby mode that conserves energy by powering down during inactivity, ensuring businesses only use energy when necessary, with some models using a self-learning Eco-intelligence timer that adapts to user patterns.

Our instant boiling, chilled, and sparkling options also do the jobs other less-efficient appliances would normally be needed for, letting you save space and reduce waste.

Reducing Plastic Waste

Switching to Billi’s filtered water systems eliminates the need for bottled water or bottled coolers, drastically reducing plastic waste in workplaces. Our range of boiling, chilled, sparkling, and ambient water, cater to different preferences without the environmental impact of plastic bottles.

Case Study: Te Whare Nui o Tuteata

One example of Billi NZ’s impact is the installation at Te Whare Nui o Tuteata Rotorua. This building meets stringent sustainability targets in part by using Billi’s advanced water systems. Choosing Billi helps contribute to their carbon-neutral goals with energy-efficient and Global GreenTag certified systems in our Quadra systems.

Long-Term ROI

Choosing Billi’s water systems saves money over time as the reduced energy consumption and convenient maintenance options rather than frequent replacements translate to a better return on investment over other options. Businesses also improve their corporate image by aligning with sustainability goals.

Meet Your Sustainability Goals with Billi NZ

With advanced technologies like heat exchange, eco-intelligence, and UVC purification, Billi’s systems offer efficient, eco-friendly hydration solutions with class-leading filtration. By adopting Billi’s systems, businesses can enjoy long-term use of their high-quality system, reduce their environmental impact, and enhance their corporate image in one easy change.

Ready to enhance your business’s sustainability? Contact the experts at Billi for more information on our eco-friendly water systems. Use our SPEC generator to view our range and find the perfect solution for your office.