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8th Apr 2024

Sparkling Water Dispensers for Offices

Transform your office water supply with Billi NZ’s cutting-edge sparkling water dispensers. Designed for the modern workspace, these dispensers are a testament to Billi’s commitment to quality, innovation, and sustainability, providing a stylish, space-saving solution to keep your team hydrated and energised.

Our dispensers offer a luxurious, convenient, and eco-friendly way to enjoy water, with a range of models tailored to meet the diverse needs of any workplace, learn why you should consider a Billi sparkling water machine for your office.

Benefits of a Sparkling Water Dispenser in the Office

By offering instant access to sparkling water, an office carbonated water machine can help your workspace align with modern values of sustainability, wellness, and efficiency, creating a workspace that’s healthy, environmentally responsible, and conducive to productivity. Here’s how a Billi sparkling water dispenser can transform your office:

  • Reducing Plastic Waste: By offering instant access to sparkling water, Billi systems help to eliminate the dependency on single-use plastic bottles, dramatically cutting down office-generated plastic waste.
  • Minimising Carbon Footprint: Our dispensers reduce the carbon emissions tied to the production and transportation of bottled water as well as to other water solutions and even kettles with our energy-efficient, instant-boiling options.
  • Cost-Effective: Eliminating ongoing expenses associated with purchasing, storing, replacing, and disposing of bottled water dispensers, Billi systems offer significant long-term savings. Plus Billi’s advanced technology ensures that the energy used is optimised, contributing to lower utility costs.
  • Hydration on Demand: Easy access to refreshing, chilled, and sparkling water ensures employees stay hydrated with a healthier substitute to sugary beverages, boosting focus and energy levels throughout the day.
  • Streamlined Convenience: With sparkling water readily available, employees save time and maintain productivity by eliminating the need to step out for refreshments.

Why Billi’s Dispensers Stand Out

Investing in a Billi dispenser translates to considerable emissions and utility bill savings. Eliminate the ongoing costs of bottled water and enjoy the efficiency of a system that delivers chilled, sparkling water on demand with eco-friendly designs including features like advanced heat exchange technology that recycles energy to cool the water, reducing overall power consumption, or the Billi Eco range, which incorporates an adaptive learning system that adjusts to usage patterns, reducing energy consumption during off-peak times.

Our sparkling water units allow you to adjust the CO2 levels to suit individual preferences, combined with precise temperature settings on our instant Chilled and Boiling models you can set the perfect temperature and effervescence for your tastes. The advanced multi-stage filtration technology present in Billi’s water systems also helps to improve the taste and consistency of your office water by ensuring that every sip is free from contaminants, providing water that’s safe and delicious by removing unwanted odours, chemicals, and more.

Choose Your Perfect Billi System

Transform your office hydration with models like the Billi Alpine Sparkling, ideal for small to medium offices and offering efficient sparkling and chilled water functionality. Or upgrade to the pinnacle of sparkling water dispensers for office use with Billi’s commercial Boiling, Chilled, and Sparkling models with options suitable for offices catering to anywhere from 10 to 100 users.

Explore our full range of water dispensers for offices or connect with our experts for personalised advice to find the perfect model for your office needs.