CASHBACK PROMOTION: 1st March – 30th April 2024


1. Exclusive offer valid from 1st March 2024 – 30th April 2024.
2. Redemption is valid only for the purchases of defined Billi systems included on the marketing material enclosed within and/or listed on the Billi website A full list of SKUs that are included with this promotion are listed below.
3. Redemption period closes 31st May 2024 unless otherwise advised.
4. Promotional items are strictly limited and while stocks last!
5. Redemption is limited to a quantity of one cashback claim per customer unless otherwise defined.
6. The offer is only available with purchases made with approved participating retailers. Not to be used in conjunction with any other offer – commercial quantities, project sales, or purchases made through Billi’s online web shop are ineligible.
7. Proof of purchase TAX INVOICE, including product serial number verification where available, is ALWAYS required before redemption will be processed. Order confirmation emails, unfulfilled purchase orders or schedules of purchase ARE NOT VALID DOCUMENTS and will not be accepted as proof of purchase. The date or period (month) provided on the final Tax Invoice is the date or period (month) that the purchase will be recognised within.
8. Due to increased scam redemptions being received, Billi reserves the right to request additional information, such as proof of identity and verification of bank details, as deemed necessary to process the claim.
9. Cash back redemptions will be processed by Billi within 21 days of website submission and coordinated for payment within 30 days of redemption approval or as listed on marketing collateral unless otherwise specified.
10. Merquip reserves the right to reject or decline any redemption claim at any time.
11. The customer and Merquip release Winning Online Group (NZBN 9429048551816), trading as Andoo NZ, from any and all liability in relation to the Cash Back Promotion, acceptance of the Cashback, or Participation in the Promotion.
12. Merquip respects the privacy of all of our customers and partners, and as such will not act on behalf of the customer to request or independently source proof of purchase documentation, from any distributing merchant, online, or retail supplier at any time. Merquip does reserve its right to request verification of documents already submitted by the redeeming purchaser with the distributing merchant, online, or retail supplier only after the original provision by the redeeming purchaser.
13. Applicable SKUs

  • $250 Cashback on Home BC (915000)
    915000LCHNZ, 915000LBRNZ, 915000LMBNZ, 915000LMWNZ, 915000LRGNZ, 915000LBRGNZ, 915000LUBNZ, 915000LGMNZ, 915000LPLNZ,
  • $250 Cashback on Home BA (914000)
    914000LCHNZ, 914000LBRNZ, 914000LMBNZ, 914000LMWNZ, 914000LRGNZ, 914000LBRGNZ, 914000LUBNZ, 914000LGMNZ, 914000LPLNZ, 914000TCHNZ, 914000TBRNZ, 914000TMBNZ, 914000TMWNZ, 914000TRGNZ


**Please note, if you are redeeming a previous promotion within the valid timeframe, please complete the form and we will be in contact with you to confirm your redemption**.

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